Accreditation Bodies

In order to ensure that the Accreditation Bodies operate at a high standard of competence and probity and that they apply the standards in a consistent and equivalent manner, they shall meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17011 and shall be a member of the International Accreditation Forum, IAF and a signatory to the IAF ISO/IEC 17021 (QMS/EMS) Multilateral Recognition Arrangement and the European Accreditation Body (EA)

EFISC has been evalueted by the European Accreditation Body as a Certification Scheme that can be certificated under ISO/IEC 17021 accreditation. Therefore the European National Accreditation Bodies will offer accreditation services to interested certification bodies that want to demonstrate that they meet the requirements of the EFISC scheme and ISO/IEC 17021 supplemented with ISO/TS 22003 (food safety management system).  This step has been an important achievement to ensure a harmonised and uniform implementation of the certification scheme in the EU internal market.

GTP certification is based on ISO 17065 but is in a transition period in alignment with ISO/IEC 17021 supplemented with ISO/TS 22003 (food safety management system)

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